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The Famous Annual Firewood Project

One of the most successful annual projects of our club is without a doubt, our firewood project.

Each year, many of our members  give up their weekdays, weekends and public holidays to source, chop, split, transport, sell and deliver firewood to customers in our community. 

At $50 for a cubic metre, with a free bag of kindling, our firewood is extremely good value and firewood sales have enabled the club to replace our aging Community Mini Bus.  Delivery to your home is included in the price.

And by buying your firewood from our club, you can rest assured that the money you pay is being put to very good use, right here in your community.  Members of our club do not personally receive any share of the profits whatsoever.  Profits are used to benefit the community and the money  is always put to good use.

To purchase firewood, or to assist the club with our firewood project, please feel free to email us or phone John on 267 7805.  We would be pleased to hear from you.

Did you know?

At only $50 per cubic metre, with a free bag of kindling, our firewood is extremely good value for money.  We even deliver it to your home for free.

Are you Interested in purchasing a cubic metre or two?

Email us to place your order now for next year!

Stocks are running out fast, so be sure you get in quickly!

Did you know?

  • The first New Zealand Lions Club was the Auckland Host Club, which was chartered in March 1955. 

  • The Lions Club of Papatoetoe is the 16,000th International Lions Club.

  • There are 22 Lions Clubs from Mangere to Thames.

  • There are 13 Lions clubs serving in the Manukau City area

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