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The Lions Club of Papatoetoe had its first meeting in October of 1961.  The Club was presented with its official charter in March of 1962 by the 1961/1962 International President, and has been an active part of the Papatoetoe community ever since.

The club has an active membership of 24, with members' ages ranging from mid-20's onwards.  The club has a very diverse range of members, both male and female, who work in varied occupations and are from varied walks of life, religions and nationalities. Our members are drawn together by a common interest in serving our community to the best of our abilities.

The club is honoured to have one of our original  Charter Members still taking an active part in activities and projects. The club has acknowledged their sincere appreciation by making Lion Rhys Thomas, a Melvin Jones Fellow and life member of the club.  Rhys is a valued member of our club and of the Papatoetoe community.

With 40 years service to the Papatoetoe community, our club is among the oldest surviving clubs in New Zealand.  Strength through fellowship and service has ensured that Papatoetoe Lions remains very focused on serving our community in any way possible.

The Lions Club of Papatoetoe celebrated the 40th anniversary of the presentation of our charter on Saturday 6th April 2002 - please email us for further information.  This was a very special and extremely historic occasion.

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